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Frequently asked questions

Can I come and try the dresses in your shop?

You are very welcome to try dresses on.


Do I need to make an appointment to try dresses on?

Yes. We are open by appointment only.


How long will my appointment last?

The appointment is for 1 1/2 hour.


Do you have all dresses in the shop?

Some of the dresses don't fit into the shop so we have to store them.

Please contact us before the appointment , which dresses you like to try.

Sale (under £150) dresses are available for online purchase only.


What sizes are available?

We have dresses available in UK size 6-26.

When should I start looking for a wedding dress?

The optimal time for choosing a wedding dress is 6-12 months before the wedding day.


What is the condition of wedding dresses?

We sell new and ex-sample dresses.

Some of new dresses are with tags or without.

Ex-sample wedding dresses can have some beads missing or dust on hem due to trying.

Can you tell me what makes dresses are?

Our dresses are genuine designer dresses not cheap China's copies.


What size I have to choose?

Please check measurements of the dress in the description.

The sizes may vary depending on country of origin.

Some designers are based in the EU or USA and they have slightly different sizes.


Where I can find more information about dress?

You can find more information about dress when you click on the dress.


Can I make an order online?

Yes, you can order dress online.

Please check measurements and read T&C before ordering.


What are the delivery times?

It depends which service you'll choose.

You can choose 24 hour courier or 3-5 day courier.

If you can wait  3-5 days courier is the cheapest option.


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide.


Do you have in-house alternations?


What payment method I can choose?

We accept payments by credit/debit card - bank transfer (for online orders only) or payment on collection.


How I order?

If you are interested in anything read t&c please.

Add to basket and checkout when you are ready.

Follow steps at checkout.

After payment will be cleared you will receive confirmation.

Items are dispatched on next day.

You will receive message after item is dispatched.



Do you accept returns?

Yes we accept returns. Read T&C (return policy) Please.


Can I take photographs?

I am sorry, no.  Because of the number of brides buying dresses on the internet and using bridal shops to do their “research”  I needed to stop this. 

If you are seen taking photographs of shop, you will be asked to stop. 

Please don't be offended as this is the policy of the shop and is not personal to you.


If you have any questions or you need help, please contact us!!!

We are here for you x

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